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Smart doses

Lacto fills the nutrient gaps common in breastfeeding women, with science backed doses.

For Omega 3, B12, D3 and Biotin, Lacto delivers your full daily intake. Most women don't get enough of these crucial nutrients. We deliver top up doses of Iodine and Folate, to compliment what you eat.

No synthetics fillers, binders or colourants. No animal products. No nonsense. Just plants.


Gluten free

Powered by plants


No nausea

Feel good now

Lacto replenishes essential nutrients that impact your daily life, elevating your physical and mental health in ways that you'll see and feel short term.

Be good later

Lacto works to support your future, solving for depletions you might not feel or see, but are crucial to your long term wellbeing.

Feel good now

Be good later

We use a unique blend of plant ingredients like algae, lichen, sprouted quinoa and knotted kelp to deliver smart doses of vital nutrients.

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We're here to help. If you've got questions about Lacto, let us know at hello@femininbotanik.com

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