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Vitamin D3

Why you need it

Vitamin D deficiency is common in modern women, especially in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Your body steals from your Vitamin D stores for your breast milk, prioritising your growing baby. Ensuring you get a daily supply is critical for your own wellbeing.

Vitamin D works with calcium from your diet for strong teeth and bones, as well as promoting healing, boosting immune function and reducing anxiety and depression.

We provide your full daily requirement.

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Plant: Lichen
Supplier: Vegetology
Source: London, United Kingdom
Dose: 10mcg

D3 is the form of Vitamin D produced by the body after exposure to sunlight. D3 supplements are usually not vegan - made from extracts of sheep's wool or fish.

Most vegan supplements use Vitamin D2 from mushrooms instead - it's cheap and easy, but the latest science isn't convinced it's as bio-available.

We offer the best of both worlds - D3 from the world's only vegan source, lichen extract.

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