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Vitamin B12

Why you need it

B12 helps keep your nerve and blood cells healthy, and build DNA.

B12 is produced by bacteria, and the only common food sources are animal based. Vegans need to get their B12 from supplements or fortified foods.

Early research is showing that bacteria in the human gut does produce some B12, but it's widely agreed that we need to consume B12 to achieve healthy levels.

B12 works with the folate in Lacto, to turn iron from your diet into healthy red blood cells, and to make RNA and DNA for growing cells.

We deliver your full daily requirement.

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Plant: Sprouted Quinoa
Supplier: Panmol
Source: Salzburg, Austria
Dose: 4.2mcg

Created using a patented process in which organic quinoa is sprouted in B12 enriched water. The B12 is then absorbed by the germinating seeds, converted to a natural form, and delivered in a plant format.

It's the ideal vegan alternative to synthetic or animal-based options, and it's perfect 'b12 insurance' for the meat eaters.

The research

Explore the vitamin B12 research that guided our choices.

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