For mother earth

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Our packaging refill system protects Lacto's nutrients and is gentler on the earth.

We take our responsibility to the planet and to future generations seriously, and have considered the full lifecycle of our materials.

We're always looking to do better. If you've got sustainability ideas or advice get in touch at 

The welcome kit

Feminin Botanik box for Lacto

Shipping box

The Lacto box is made from uncoated kraft and is self closing, to minimise the use of stickers and tape. It's printed with UV ink free from carbon-based chemicals.

Your step: Recycle it.

Feminin Botanik jar for Lacto

Miron violet jar

The Lacto jar is made from miron violet biophotonic glass, which naturally filters the spectrum of visible sunlight, only allowing through infrared and UVA light, extending the shelf life of our more sensitive nutrients. It's durable and beautiful.

Your step: Keep it, for your refills.

Welcome booklet for Lacto

Welcome booklet

Your Lacto booklet is made from recycled paper.

Your step: Share it or recycle it.

The refill

Lacto refill pouch

Compostable refill pouches

The Lacto refill pouch is entirely compostable. The bag, the zip, the label and even the earth friendly soy inks.

Your step: Compost it.