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It's the 6 nutrients you need most, entirely from plants.

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Plants vs. synthetics

We use plants instead of synthetics for better utilisation in the body.

Plants deliver nutrients perfectly packaged, with a host of co-nutrients and phytochemicals which improve bioavailability and utilisation, and allow the body to excrete excesses easily.

We've evolved to breakdown, synthesise and make use of plant matter - it's no wonder it's the body's preferred source of nutrition.

Learn more about each of our nutrients.

The problem with plants

It's hard to deliver daily intake doses in small plant formats.

Most plant based supplements are healthy foods, but not adequate to boost nutrient status to the levels required for lactation.

They aren't standardised for micronutrients and don't provide a full nutrition panel with listed doses.

Lacto is the exception. We want you to read the label, explore the doses and understand the forms. So we list every ingredient, every nutrient and every dose on our label. Nothing to hide.

Synthetics vs. science

A growing body of research is challenging the safety of common synthetic forms.

Most of the vitamin products on the market still use old synthetics, built on old science. Modern synthetics are starting to bridge the gap, but haven't been rigorously studied over long periods.

Synthetic excesses are inefficiently excreted compared to natural forms, so in some cases accumulate in the body.  Unconverted synthetic nutrient forms are now being found outside the gut, having made their way into blood, tissue and even the umbilical cord. 

The potential health impacts are inconclusive. We use plant forms because we'd rather be safe than sorry.