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Omega 3

Why you need it

Your daily intake of Omega 3 is directly related to your breast milk concentration.

Your baby needs Omega 3 DHA for brain and eye development, you need it to boost your mood, cognition, skin, bone and heart health.

Most modern women don't get enough, especially during lactation when your daily need increases by over 60%. Your body puts baby first, stealing from your reserves to create DHA-rich milk, so you need to make sure your own needs are met.

We deliver the full recommended daily intake of Omega 3 DHA, because it's hard to get through your diet, and the consequences of a deficiency are not worth the risk.

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Plant: Algae
Supplier: Algarithm
Source: Saskatoon, Canada
Dose: 145mcg

We use algal oil instead of fish oil, because it's better for the environment and for you.

It's sustainable, vegan, lab grown and completely pure - uncontaminated by heavy metals and plastics from the ocean. It's also encapsulated in almond butter instead of nasty chemicals.

It turns out fish were getting their omega's from algae all along, so it made sense to go straight to the source.

The research

Explore the omega 3 research that guided our choices.

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Vitamin D3

Vitamin B12