Mega Doses

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Traditional vitamins deliver daily doses well over what the science advises.

More is not better

Isolated nutrients manufactured in the lab must be activated biologically by your body, in processes that rely on a variety of complex co-factors.

Because the bioavailability is poor, manufacturers use massive doses to boost the likelihood of absorption. Excesses that remain unconverted in the body are either stored unsythnesised or excreted.

Regardless of how effective the body is in converting synthetic nutrients (which varies as a result of genetics, lifestyle factors and more), this process puts strain on related micronutrient levels (utilised as conversion co-factors) and costs the body energy.

Plants solve the problem

Because plant forms are more readily absorbed, they can be delivered at sensible daily intake levels. Excesses are easily excreted with no risk of harm. Same benefits, less complication.

Our doses

For Omega 3, B12, D3 and Biotin, Lacto delivers your full daily intake. Most women don't get enough of these crucial nutrients in lactation.

We deliver top up doses of Iodine and Folate, to fill the gaps in what most modern women get in their diet. 

No 1000% doses, or outlandish claims. Just doses that match the latest science, to target common breastfeeding depletions.