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It's the 6 nutrients you need most, entirely from plants.

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Mega Doses

Less is more.

Traditional vitamin brands often deliver nutrients in mega doses, way over the recommended daily intake levels. Because absorption is so poor, and the industry have built a false marketing narrative that 'more is better'.

Isolated nutrients need to be activated by your body to be used. These activation pathways are complex, and often reliant on a variety of co-factors. Excesses that remain unconverted are either stored unsythnesised or excreted.

Regardless of how effective your body is at converting synthetic nutrients (which varies as a result of genetics, lifestyle factors and more), the conversion puts strain on other nutrients (utilised as co-factors) and costs the body energy.

What about plant forms?

Because plant forms are more readily absorbed, they can be dosed at healthy daily intake levels. Your body recognises them as food, and they come paired with key absorption co-factors. Excesses are easily excreted with no risk of harm. Same benefits, less risk fo side effects.

Our doses

For Omega 3, B12, D3 and Biotin, Lacto delivers your full daily intake. Most women don't get enough of these crucial nutrients in lactation.

We deliver top up doses of Iodine and Folate, to fill the gaps in what most modern women get in their diet. 

No 1000% doses, or outlandish claims. Just doses that match the latest science, to target common breastfeeding depletions.