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Why you need it

Iodine is vital to the function of your thyroid, the hormonal engine of your body.

Breastfeeding women need more iodine than usual, but having too much carries risk. Most women get some iodine from their diet - from seafood, iodised salt and bread (in Australia our bread is fortified by law), but usually not enough to hit the daily requirement.

We deliver 150mcg of iodine, which is the science-backed sweet spot to bump up intake from your diet, but avoid over-dosing.

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Our form

Plant: Knotted Kelp
Supplier: Seaweed & Co
Source: Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Dose: 150mcg

The ideal form of iodine is from plants. We use a knotted kelp called Hebridean Ascophyllum.

The general advice is to avoid using seaweed to boost iodine levels, because the levels vary so much, resulting in risk of over or under consuming.

Our seaweed is stringently tested and standardised for iodine, so you can rest assured the dosage is spot on every time.

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