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It's the 6 nutrients you need most, entirely from plants.

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Knotted kelp seaweed for iodine

Knotted Kelp

Sustainably wild harvested in the pristine sea of the Scottish Outer Herbrides, then slow temperature dried, and gently milled into a fine powder using a proprietary process. Every batch is stringently tested and standardised for iodine.

Algal Oil

Algae instead of fish, because it turns out fish were getting their omega 3 from algae all along. Our algae is sustainably lab grown in Canada and spray dried in a patented process which uses almond butter and prebiotic dextrin instead of nasty chemicals.

Algae oil for Omega 3 DHA fatty acids
Sprouted quinoa for folate

Organic Sprouted Quinoa*

Germinated in Austria, using a patented process in which the organic quinoa seeds are sprouted to convert b-vitamins like folate, biotin and B12 to their biologically active forms.


The world's only vegan vitamin D3 , made from an extract of lichen - the perfect alternative to the icky sheep's wool D3 used in traditional supplements.

Lichen extract for Vitamin D3


Organic Dates* & Organic Cocoa Butter*

The clean 'binders'. To sweeten and bind our bites, we use premium dates, and cocoa butter is certified fair choice, and organically grown and harvested in Peru.

Organic Cocoa*

The clean 'flavour'. Our decadent cocoa is grown and harvested sustainably in the Dominican Republic under the Hand-In-Hand fair trade program.

Organic Styrian Pepitas* & Black Chia

The clean crunch and omega-3 boosters. Our pepitas are a unique European variety grown organically, extracted from the pumpkin and gently dried. Our black chia is grown right here in Australia on an insecticide free farm.

Yellow pea, citrus fibre, almonds, prebiotic dextrin & peppermint oil

The clean 'carriers'. These ingredients work hard to minimise the seaside aroma and taste of our bites, by microencapsulating the algae and knotted kelp. They also add bonus nutrients and prebiotic fibre.

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