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Why you need it

Folate is essential for growth, without it living cells cannot divide.

Women need it in early motherhood for healing, immunity and mental health. Babies need it to grow.

The amazing living tissue that is breast milk is almost always folate rich, even if a woman is slightly deficient - the health risk of poor intake is usually for the mother, not the baby.

Most women get only half the recommended amount, so we make up the difference.

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Our form

Plant: Sprouted Quinoa
Supplier: Panmol
Source: Salzburg, Austria
Dose: 282mcg

We use plant folate from sprouted quinoa, for efficient conversion to the active form (5-MTHF).

Traditional postnatal vitamins use slow converting synthetic folic acid instead.

Synthetic folic acid passes unmetabolized into breast milk - providing babies a cheap, hard-to-absorb form, but no increase in useful, active folate.