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Why you need it

Women need more biotin during breastfeeding than any other stage of life.

Biotin is best known as the ‘beauty’ vitamin, for healthy hair, skin and nails. It’s real super power is as a co-enzyme in important metabolic processes — like turning carbohydrates into energy and synthesising fatty acids like Omega 3 DHA.

If you’re experiencing postpartum hair loss, ensuring your daily biotin intake may help. You can also say hello to a good mood, healthy skin, more energy and a healthy metabolism.

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Our form

Plant: Sprouted Quinoa
Supplier: Panmol
Source: Salzburg, Austria
Dose: 210mcg

Our clinically trialed and patented organic quinoa sprouts come all the way from Austria. Germinated in a b-vitamin enriched water, the quinoa synthesises the nutrients and builds them into it's plant framework.

The result is a highly bioavailable plant form. Get more, from less. 

The research

Explore the biotin research that guided our choices.


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Lacto's nutrients

Omega 3


Vitamin D3

Vitamin B12