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Feminin Botanik.

We make the world's most premium breastfeeding supplement.

It's the 6 nutrients you need most, entirely from plants.

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About Us

Our mission:

To improve the health of breastfeeding women with evidence-based supplements, made entirely from nutrient-rich plants.

    From our founder (Abby):

    "I created LACTO because I was suffering. When my daughter was born I was sleep deprived, emotionally shell shocked, and felt as though my body was slowly depleting.

    Breastfeeding felt like it was literally sucking the life out of me. I ate well, but still felt like I was slowly degenerating. I started to hunt for nutritional support and supplements — but all the breastfeeding options were synthetic and full of shady ingredients, and all the natural ones had warnings against use in breastfeeding.

    I couldn’t find one that hit the breastfeeding daily intake recommendations, and was made from real plant based ingredients. The more I learned, the more I realised this should exist.

    Then…I spent two years making it. I worked with food scientists, nutrition scientists, naturopaths and other mothers. I learnt how to read scientific literature, and how to discuss it with consultants much smarter than me. I learnt about sustainable, compostable, refillable packaging. I learnt about regulation. And I made friends with the best plant ingredient suppliers in the world — from Canada, to Germany, to Australia — I sourced world class, clinically trialled and patented ingredients.

    The result of two years of blood, sweat and tears, is LACTO. It delivers the 6 nutrients modern breastfeeding women are most likely to lack, entirely from plants. In fact, it’s the only plant-based, breastfeeding supplement on the market (as far as we know).

    LACTO is different. It’s two choc-mint bites a day, jam-packed with highly absorbable, nutrient-rich plant matter — for your full daily intake of Omega 3, B12, D3 and Biotin, plus top-ups of Iodine and Folate.

    I honestly can’t believe that LACTO finally exists in the world, and is nourishing the women feeding the next generation."

    ~ Abby Johnston