Game-changing breastfeeding nutrition - made from plants, backed by clinical evidence.


Open source

A fully transparent supply chain.

We're proud to tell you where our ingredients come from and why they're the best in the world.


Evidence based

7 nutrients modern mothers are most likely to lack. 

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

We did the research - what you need vs. what most modern women eat - and designed Feminin Botanik to fill the gap.

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Ingredients your body  knows what to do with.

We obsessed over how Feminin Botanik works in women’s bodies, to deliver market leading bio-availability with plant nutrient forms.

Better bio-availability, smart doses and no synthetics.


"I set out to create my holy grail breastfeeding supplement, with powerful nutrient doses, exclusively from plant ingredients.

Healing from birth and breastfeeding are arguably the most nutritionally demanding times in a woman's life.

Most women try to take good care of themselves in early motherhood - but with less time (and sleep) than ever, and greater consequences from common deficiencies - a supplement that protects both mother and baby nutritionally is crucial."

- Abby Johnston, Founder


simple, yet significant self care

Get fuel to feed.

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Made In Australia | Vegan | No Fillers or Colours | Gluten Free | Backed by Research

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