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This was ours and only ours

This was ours and only ours
This was ours and only ours

Words by
Feminin Botanik

I was not expecting to experience motherhood so early. I talk about this a lot because the shift I felt was huge, I had no peers who were parents yet. Breastfeeding was my own initiation into motherhood. I had to give my whole body over and keep giving in order to really let motherhood take over. This was OURS and only ours. I was in total control of the one thing she needed. Food.
I felt so strong about being able to publicly breastfeed, I headed over to IG HQ to post up photos and stage a mini protest.
It's funny how we come into new phases of life, this was my way and I cherish every single photo I have to remind me of the beginning of this journey for me.