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My expectations were blown out of the water

My expectations were blown out of the water
My expectations were blown out of the water

Words by
Feminin Botanik

Samantha Hopper epitomises a clarity and calmness rare in the chaos of modern motherhood. She talks to us about yoga as ‘me’ time, trying vegetarianism and the sense of strength she found in surviving sleep deprivation.

On Identity

The moment Bowie arrived all of my expectations were blown out of the water. I had so many ideas about the kind of mother I would be and wanted to be. Once he was home it was like a moment of realisation; Oh this is what it’s like and this is the Mother I’m going to be; just me and the most special part of me.

I believe in my self strength a lot more. Waking every 4 hours for 9 months will do that to you.

I actually don’t know how I functioned on such broken sleep…must be the super amazing hormones that are released. I feel so proud of my self and my husband. I feel connected with myself, my husband and my baby boy on a deeper level now. The bond is so strong.

On Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding was something I was really looking forward to sharing with my new baby. It took a couple of days to get the grasp of it; I was learning Bowie’s little cues and how to make sure I was prepared too.

As soon as Bowie would latch I was dying of thirst! I drank so much water in the first 6 weeks.

Our breastfeeding journey has been comfortable, confident and enjoyable. At 11 months old now I am feeling ready to stop breastfeeding. I feel I want my body back for just me. I’m feeling Bowie is starting to play after/during feeding and it’s starting to make me feel less comfortable. I always thought I would stop around 12 months but never really thought about how I would feel. I’m ready and I believe Bowie is ready too.

On Balance

I like to believe I balance my life pretty well. I’m a yoga instructor and that definitely contributes to my way of life. Teaching anywhere from 3 to 6 classes a week at the moment feels like just enough. I get time to myself, I get time to interact with like minded people and also stretch and relax my body. I am very grateful my husband can provide for our family while I spend most of my days with Bowie at home or out adventuring. Romance is great! We make time to be with each other now - as you can’t just be together and alone whenever you want anymore. Timing is everything haha.

On Health

I am generally a pretty healthy person. I eat in moderation. If I have a few days eating poorly I will crave some healthy food. I recently went vegetarian for 4 months just to see how my body felt and it really surprised me how well my body responded to it. My skin was clear and vibrant, no bloating or feeling heavy after meals. I am back to eating meat but do love vegetarian days more often then not. For a healthy mind I turn to yoga. The beach is our family go to escape; we always make time to be in the fresh air and by the water.

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