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Don’t worry about other people or parenting books - just smile

Don’t worry about other people or parenting books - just smile
Don’t worry about other people or parenting books - just smile

Words by
Feminin Botanik

Storm Leth is mum to 11 month old Pyper Sage. She’s an Australian beach babe who just oozes love and gratitude. An inspiration in health and happiness - graciously winning at motherhood.

We chat to Storm about not planning for motherhood, not pumping and not feeling any guilt about using formula. The takeaway — relax, enjoy and smile.

Did you think much about breastfeeding during your pregnancy - did you plan for it, or just expect it to happen naturally?

I was so determined to breastfeed but I never overthought it or had a plan. I didn’t read books while I was pregnant. I just felt I would do what came natural and worked for us.

I had a mentality that breastfeeding is what we are designed to do, so I never thought of another option and refused to buy bottles just in case.

How was your early experience breastfeeding, and how different is it now?

The minute Pyper was born she was placed on my chest. I let her find her way, make latch and she fed instantly.

From day one, I followed her lead and never forced a latch.

I’ve been blessed to have had such an easy journey feeding and never have any troubles.

At the beginning I fed on demand. Now I have a bit of a routine — but Pyper sees me as her walking milk factory and will help herself if she see’s them!

How did you look after yourself in those early weeks after birth?

I was home within 16 hours of having Pyper and was surrounded by my amazing family and husband. They took care of me and cooked and cleaned so I was able to focus on Pyper and keep her calm.

But nothing prepared me for how hard that first week was. My body ached and I was so emotional — but I’ve never smiled so much.

How old is Pyper now, and how often is she nursing?

Pyper Sage is 10 and half months and nursing about 4 times a day.

Do you pump at all and how do you feel about it?

I don’t pump now, but I did when Pyper was about 4 months old so my partner could feed her if I needed. But I hated it [pumping] and never responded well to it.

I now give her formula if I am unable to feed. I don’t feel guilty because I know it’s the best option for us. It’s taken a lot of pressure off me.

What does an average day look like for you and Pyper at the moment?

Average day starts around 6-7 with cuddles and boob in bed, then we are up for breakfast and getting the house sorted. Then once Pyper has her morning sleep we head out for a walk.

Pyper loves to play at the park or when it’s warmer we spend a lot of our day at the beach - or have coffee and playtime with the other mummas and bubbas.

Pyper doesn’t like to be inside for long so we are always doing something. Then Pyper plays while I do personal training or spends the afternoon with her dad.

What does an average night look like? Are you getting any sleep?

We do dinner, bath, milk, bed and this works well for us. About a week ago Pyper started sleep through and I thank sleeping bags.

I never use them before and since I have she sleeps through. Woohoo!

Before that she was up once a night for a feed. I feel like a new person with a full night sleep.

How long do you think you’ll breastfeed for - do you have a plan to wean, or just taking it as it comes?

My goal was always 12 months but that date is fast approaching and I have no idea.

From the beginning I followed Pyper and I think I will continue to - I haven’t thought about how I would wean. I’ll just take it as it comes.

What’s the best advice your mum ever gave you?

My mum is the most amazing woman and I’m so lucky to have her so close. She has never told me what to do or how to do something - she just says to relax and enjoy every step.

She always reminds me that I know what’s best for me and Pyper, and to just do that.

Don’t worry about other people or parenting books — just smile.

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