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As a rule, alcohol and breastfeeding do not mix. But can you have a glass of wine with dinner, or is it putting your gorgeous lil' babe at risk?

The good news is, you can totally have a drink, you just have to be a bit organised.

The concentration of alcohol in your milk is the same as the concentration in your blood.  So for most women, alcohol will appear in your milk 30-60 minutes after you start drinking, and will take about 2 hours to be completely gone (from a single standard drink). 

The Feed Safe app can help you keep track of when it is safe to nurse and takes into account extra factors like your weight and height.

The main thing to remember is that you can't throw breastmilk out (or 'pump and dump' as they call it) to remove the alcohol.  It's time that matters. As your blood alcohol levels reduce, so do you milk alcohol levels. 

So, in the newborn haze of frequent feeds it might be hard (but not impossible!) to squeeze in a drink. As feeds get further apart and more predictable, you can easily work in a drink or two.  

Frankly, it makes me happy to think of all the nursing mamas out there enjoying a well-deserved glass of red occasionally. And for all you ladies with newborns, just know – if not now, then soon!