"I'm so happy I got to bond with Louie this way, even if it didn't last long."

I've shared this story before but I wanted to share it again after seeing all of your lovely #worldbreastfeedingweek pics 💕

 Via  @mylittletofling  on Instagram

Via @mylittletofling on Instagram

...Louie was born with a birth defect where for a long time his oesophagus didn't attach to his stomach, it ended in a blind pouch which would overfill with saliva and had to be continuously suctioned out so it wouldn't spill over down into his lungs and choke him. This meant he couldn't be breast fed.

After he had an oesophagostomy surgery (a hole in his neck for fluid to come out into a bag) at 65 days old we were able to try sham feeding for the first time where we would attach him to the breast and collect the milk from his pouch to feed to him via his g-tube. I was finally given the experience of breastfeeding ❤ sadly I only got to do this a handful of times as it was a two person job.

While we were sham feeding his bag needed to be suctioned otherwise the liquid gold would leak from the bag and be wasted. He also needed to be tube fed at the same time to associate the sucking with feeling full.

I expressed for 5 months before stress got the better of me and dried up my supply. After 9 surgeries, Louie was finally able to swallow with a functioning oesophagus at 199 days old and he had his first 20ml bottle of formula at 219 days old.
— Rachael Kroot

I wish more then anything that he didn't have to go through all of this and that I could have breastfed him but I'm so happy I got to bond with Louie this way even if it didn't last long.

I am desperately hoping that I can breastfeed or even bottle feed this new bubba because tube feeding is extremely tough. There is only a 1% chance of us having another TOFling.

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