"my only choice was to become a exclusively pumping mama, nothing was going to stop me.."

World breastfeeding week! 💫

 Via  @ jessica.stoneman   on Instagram

Via @jessica.stoneman on Instagram

Pumping, something not talked about enough and something that has been my saving grace and over time I have come to accept it as my own journey.

With the aim of reaching until at least a year. Breastfeeding has been a struggle for me as it is for so many. Initially everything looked good she latched well and my milk came in on day four. But after a few days it became extremely painful every time she nursed, which is normal so I pushed through.

At two weeks old I was at the point where every time she nursed I was in tears and I had tried every remedy possible.
— Jessica Stoneman

I then saw a lactation consultant and pediatrician who told me everything was fine and to just keep going. By this stage I had started using a nipple shield but was still suffering from severe pain.

I got some advice from a friend who referred me to an osteopath who had saved her breastfeeding journey, we went and Elvie was diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie. We had the laser procedure performed and I was also finally diagnosed with vasospam of the nipple. I tried every natural remedy and even a drug to treat it but nothing worked and my severe vasospam remained the same.

I tried again to get her to nurse after her laser correction but my condition made it still extremely painful (I still suffer from it and have discomfort every time I pump and my nipples have to be covered at all times) my supply also became an issue so I tried everything I could including regular pumps, herbal remedies and even took medication to help maintain it. Which eventually worked.

After roughly 3 months my only choice was to become a exclusively pumping mama, nothing was going to stop me giving my baby the most important thing I may ever give her. And to this very day 8 months on she has not had a drop of anything else and has been exclusively breastfed. ✨

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These words were originally published on Instagram by @jessica.stoneman