"Most days my body is not my own. It's used to comfort and sustain others."

 Via  @juliennelasker  on Instagram

Via @juliennelasker on Instagram

During my pregnancy with Emerson I was asked a lot "are you going to breastfeed?" I was prepared with the same answer "I am going to try". I had no idea if I'd be able to. I put no extra pressure on myself during that time and did everything I could to succeed after she was born.

Breastfeeding is really tough and I don't think that's talked about enough. I feel grateful that we're still here on this journey together.


I’ve learned a few lessons throughout pregnancies, breastfeeding, and motherhood: I am not my body.
— Julienne

I have plenty of experience hating this vessel that houses my spirit. Maybe you've experienced an eating disorder like I have or maybe you relate to the thinking that you're "not enough". What is enough anyway?

Who I am as a woman is not defined by a number on a scale. Most days my body is not my own. It's used to comfort and sustain others. 

Lastly, look at what my body can do! It's growing a 35 week old baby on the inside and nursing a 21 month old on the outside. I'm proud of it.

When my mind tries to taunt me with self loathing thoughts I go back to the simple truth that I am not my body. Thank you for reading and I hope this all makes sense!

Breastfeeding is normal. As always, #fedisbest #feedingwithlove

These words were originally published on Instagram by @juliennelasker