"It forces me to dive deeper in moments when I don't think I can give anymore"

From the moment she entered this world, my littlest love has lived on my breast. 👶🏻 💜

Breastfeeding didn't come easily with my firstborn, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to nurse my second, but within moments of her birth, she proved me wrong. Barely even ten minutes old, she crawled to my breast, latched, and began to nurse. Breastfeeding is easily the most taxing, time consuming, emotional way I have ever connected with and given myself to another person. 

Breastfeeding is single handedly the most challenging thing I've ever done because it constantly requires me to be bigger than myself. Breastfeeding requires me to give in moments when I may not want to.

Breastfeeding causes me to be still when I feel like jumping out of my skin and it forces me to dive deeper in moments when I don’t think I can give anymore.
— Megan

Breastfeeding has empowered me as a woman and a mother. 

These words were originally published on Instagram by @yogameg108