Sample Feeding Schedule: 6 month old, breastfeeding


A normal day with Aria includes, waking up at 10am, eating breakfast, coming back upstairs playing with her toys. Cuddling, reading, and taking some selfies.


She then gets some milkies, and goes down for a nap around 1pm.

I try and get some school work done, and then she wakes up.

We go for a walk, we play some more, we practice her future talking skills. We dance. She eats some more milkies and tries some vegetables and fruits (depending the week). She's usually uninterested.


Then around 5pm she goes down for another nap, and then mommy gets housework done. She wakes up around 7pm.


We wait until 8.30pm when daddy gets home from work. He gets home, plays with his baby girl, and then bathes her.


She gets some more milkies and then we cuddle until around 10pm when she's off to sleeping land ♥️