"I'll be damned if another human's wants come before my child's needs"


Aria, 6 months old was born tongue tied. She's currently exclusively breastfed and mostly uninterested in food (who can blame her when mamma's milk is on offer).


When Aria was born she was tongue tied, which made breastfeeding so dang painful. I remember at the hospital having to make her daddy spoon feed her my colostrum those first 2 days of life.

Finally when her paediatrician clipped her tongue she able to latch, but completely uninterested at that point. So, I would have to pump all day and bottle feed her my liquid gold. I was devastated that she would be so upset anytime I put her on the boob.

I remember one day when she was a month and a half, praying that she would just be able to latch. That same day I did lots of skin to skin with her, and out of nowhere she scooted a bit up and latched! Perfectly, by herself, and drank mommy's milk straight from the tap! 

My heart was so full. We've been exclusively breastfeeding since.


Below image and text via @gabyjaneen on Instagram

Before my pregnancy, I never realized what an issue breastfeeding was.

I never knew how many people were actually uncomfortable with seeing a woman breastfeed her child, and how many others would actually say something rude to a woman as if to shame her for what she is doing.

The same people who wouldn't mind seeing a half naked female, because that's what boobs are for; to be sexy and nothing else. Wrong. THIS. This is what they were made for, to nourish our little ones as long as they need.

There is no shame in this; and I feel so sorry for all the mommies who were told to go feed your infant in a bathroom stall, or in the car, because this made others uncomfortable. I'll be damned if another humans wants come before my child's needs! As long as my baby is comfortable, fed, and happy, well then my job is done! #normalizebreastfeeding#feedingwithlove #bosomnectar #fedisbest