We love Fatherly

A new website for dads that is honest, raw and entertaining.

Part opinionated, part trashy entertainment and part genuinely interesting, the new website Fatherly has the Internet in a bit of a spin. 

We love that it's casual and somewhat useful, but mostly that it's something dads might actually read.

It's not naff or overly intellectual, it just lays out some dad stuff worth thinking about. Take it or leave it.

In their own words...

"Fatherly is a parenting resource for men who understand that embracing what they've become doesn't mean giving up who they are. Men who want to be great fathers without turning into cliches. Men who spent their formative years laughing at blogs about dads in short shorts, but who will never, ever wear short shorts themselves."

Fatherly sparked debate last week, with an article by Chas Smith "Why Monetizing My 2-Year-Old Daughter Doesn't Make Me The Worst Person In The World".  The post was syndicated by the Huffington Post and sparked a wave of comments on Facebook.

One user wrote:

I'm a full time SAHD [stay-at-home-dad], my wife has always made more than me. The numbers of zeroes in my paycheck are not my identity. 

Another wrote:

I don't know what this guy's problem is but I think it might have something to do with all the vodka.

Perhaps the PR kick from the controversy was part or their launch strategy (after all here I am writing about it), or maybe they are just bold enough to publish content that stirs the pot. 

Controversy aside, we think Fatherly is worth checking out for yourself.  

Get your partner browsing and they might start nagging you with parenting do's and don'ts, or devouring the latest research on child development.

It might just help them make sense of what being a dad means for them – and that's enough.