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Kate is the Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, Yoga Expert at Body&Soul Magazine and an Ambassador for Ovvio Organics.

The always lovely Kate Kendall chats to us about the importance of daily rituals, how to fuel up on calm and the best advice her mum ever gave her.

We love your concept of the ‘The Space Between’, could you take us through it and give us some advice on finding these quiet moments in hectic times?

Yeah for sure. Firstly, 'The Space Between' is all about practicing mindfulness in the every day – not just something we read about in a book. They're moments of clarity and consciousness in which time stands still and you're immersed in the moment.

It’s practicing presence in everyday living for greater fulfillment, productivity and purpose.

For new mums this can be about being present with your newborn, practicing stillness and calm when your infant is distressed, and learning how to creatively solve problems as they come up.

It's also finding just 2-3mins of your day to sit in stillness (in between cries and nappy changes), to reconnect with yourself and fuel up on calm. 

How soon is it OK to come back to yoga after giving birth?

Generally around 6 – 10 weeks. Things that might stretch this time out are stitches, c-sections and any other complications. 

30% of a nursing mum's daily energy is used to make milk. Should we tone down our exercise for the entire period that we breastfeed? 

Whatever gives that particular Mum energy.

If moving helps you feel vibrant and energetic, I say – do it. If not, you should really listen and honour that. 

There are loads of yoga postures like legs up the wall (see image below) and sputa badokanasana that can give back to the body as opposed to take away. 


Sitting in the same position for hours on end nursing a newborn can take its toll on our necks, shoulders, arms and wrists.  Do you have a simple stretch that might help?

Eagle arms is a good one (see video below).

When life gets busy, our healthy food habits often slip. How do you manage to stay healthy with a such a manic schedule?

Preparation is key. Having plenty of healthy snacks and meal options on hand to avoid reaching for the easy snack that may not be so highly nutritious.

Also, setting up daily rituals like morning yoga or exercise, and frequent reminders to take deep breaths. All these things help keep your head clear so that you make healthier lifestyle and diet choices. 

What’s the best advice your mum ever gave you?

"A job worth doing is worth doing well."

At the time, I hated it because it would usually be peppered into a passing comment when I was sweeping the verandah (very badly). But I see that she was only encouraging me to practice wholeheartedness. 

A cheeky one to wrap up … is there a mini Active Yogi in the plans?

I definitely want a little one soon :)

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